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Where should you send your car for its regular servicing – a local vehicle service shop or an authorized car maintenance centre? There’s no doubt to say that a lot of car owners has to undergo this dilemma at some point in their life. Prior to coming to a decision, the owners take into account multiple factors such as the cost of the overall car servicing, authenticity, reputation and past experience of the mechanic, and the reliability of the spare parts.

Even though both the authorized centre and automobile servicing shops have their own advantages and drawbacks, there are certain factors that differentiate each service. Here we’ve presented a brief on which service can turn out to be of great benefit.

Tips to Consider while choosing the Right Car Servicing Centre

  • Warranty Issue

If your car is in the warranty period, there can’t be a better alternative to opting for an authorized car maintenance centre. However, as per experts, there’s nothing wrong in choosing independent workshop to get your warranted car repair. Make sure that not every authorized service are identical, even though you can expect to receive standardization in specific areas, the services offered by distinct authorized centres may vary to a great extent.

Moreover, car owners often believe that getting their car services at the local workshop may result in the lapse of its warranty but this perception is not at all accurate. No matter where you send your car for servicing, the warranty period of your vehicle doesn’t get affected.

  • Release and Labour advantage

Planning to get your car serviced at an authorized centre can turn out to be beneficial for your vehicle in long-run. Having your car sent at such centres can get your car listed in the servicing history, which especially helps you when you want to resell your car.

On the other hand, for basic services that don’t require intricate car fixing practices, you should consider hitting your nearest local automobile repairing shop. Not only will it help you save some pennies but the servicing will be quick and you can expect to get your car back within a short duration. Even though the labour charges are relatively cheaper than that in authorized car repairing centres, do not opt for the independent stores if you aren’t sure about the genuineness of the spare parts, oil, and other vital tools they use.

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