Just like other exorbitant machines, your vehicle needs regular maintenance and attention to function appropriately. Out of several components that are used to design a car, the engine is considered to be its heart. Even though the engine is designed in a manner to withstand basic abuse, there are certain limitations that may negatively influence the performance of your car’s engine. Even if you have owned a car for quite long, the chances are you might not be aware of some common factors that may have a negative influence on your car’s engine and its overall lifespan. Let’s have a quick look at some common bad habits you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Avoiding oiling and another maintenance requirement

Just like any other machinery, your car’s engine needs regular maintenance and oiling to work effortlessly. Even after knowing the fact that regular oil changes are essential for smooth engine operation, most of the car owners do not consider it essential to send their car in the nearest garage and get it an appropriate checkup.

  • Driving right after starting the car

Putting your foot down the throttle and initiating your driving as soon as you kickstart the vehicle may appear to be exciting, but do you know this could have a wrong impact on your car’s engine? Revving the car the minute your engine starts can even lead to the premature wear and tear of the same. In order to attain the maximum functioning temperature, your engine requires sufficient time to warm up and lubricate. Hence, the engine must not be started before it warms up fully.

  • Closing turbo engine cars soon after revving

If you own a diesel-powered car having turbochargers in it, make sure to not shut it right after having your car travel a long distance. It is advisable to slow down your vehicle before arriving at your destination to let the turbocharger cool down.

  • Engine Lugging

Today, engine lugging is one of the most common activities that the beginners as well as veterans driver, do not hesitate to perform. Engine lugging refers to revving the car at full throttle particularly when the engine is working at lower RPM due to the high gear selection. Lugging the engine compels it to put in additional efforts for the same work. This can reduce the engine’s efficiency, raise its temperature, and result in engine deterioration.

  • Riding the clutch

If you are in traffic, do not unnecessary rest your feet on the clutch. It may deteriorate the quality of pedals and can result in deterioration of your braking gears.

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