Did you know that you don’t have to visit your car manufacturer’s service centre to maintain your luxury vehicle? Whether its your car’s wheel or anything else, you can come to us. We know that car’s wheels not only enhance your vehicle’s appearance, but also improve its performance. Regardless of you car’s make and model, we provide complete wheel care services at the best prices.

Our qualified engineers will prioritise your safety

“The wheels of your car are very important part of your car and need regular attention and care.” Wheel Force Centre is the best way to maintain your vehicle with our economical price servicing. Irrespective of the age of your vehicle, our qualified engineers will prioritise your safety as well as peace of mind. We provide detailed wheel care and servicing.

We specialise in car wheel alignment and balancing services.

We use the latest technology and best equipment to check the alignment of your car and fix it as well. Proper wheel alignment make sure the durability & reliability of the wheels. It will also allow you to drive smoothly and safely as well as save on fuel.

We, at Wheel Force Centre, provide an array of services to our customers. Some of them include accidental repairs, mechanical repairs, insurance renewal, body wraps and cashless convenience from major insurance companies.

We make sure that your car performs at its best.