car care Tips
The level of attention you give to your car highly relies on what the car means to you. For instance if you just see your car as yet another mode of transport then obviously you won’t attend to it that much than you will when you consider it as one of your amazing possessions. Nevertheless, we at Wheel Force Centre believe that everyone should take care of their cars. Thus we bring to certain car care tips that will help you in the process. The following tips regarding car care will aid you in retaining the drivability, reliability and also protect the resale value of your vehicle.

It has to be noted that your car needs many sorts of services from time to time. It can be rather difficult to decide that which service to opt for when and that that is what we at Wheel Force Centre are here for.

  • Waxing is something your car will require half-yearly. Opting for a premium quality non-abrasive wax will the best option. You can also DIY some servicing such as applying some wax on door jams like once in one year.
  • Under hood checks are something that requires to be done each and every time you are refueling.
  • Washing your car is one of the basic car care tip and you can conveniently hand wash your car once a week.
  • Oil change is yet another important tip which you can do after completion of every 15000 kilometers or within a period of one year.
  • You can tune up your car as per the instructions mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual and the anti-rust treatment can be done in three to five years.
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