Looking for fast and reliable air conditioner servicing for your car? We at Wheel Force Center can help you maintain your cooling system in perfect shape.

Why do Car Air Conditioners Require Good Care?

Along with removing humidity from your car’s cabin, a well-maintained air conditioner keeps the internal environment cool in summers and counteracts foggy windscreens in winter. This air conditioning unit comprises of numerous components that require optimum levels of care. This is to ensure that the various parts of the system do not crack or dry out, thereby leading to coolant leaks and other obvious faults like loose/ faulty compressors, drive belt tension, problems in equipment mounting brackets, refrigerant leaks and so on.

Regular and timely services by trained mechanics help you go through a series of repairs, checks and replacements for getting your air conditioner in optimum performing conditions.

Checklist for Car Air Conditioning Services

In general, the servicing of your car air conditioner includes the following:

  • Inspection of pulleys, drive belts, condenser temperature thermostats, hoses, valves and components;
  • Addition of requisite amounts of refrigerant oil;
  • Evacuation of system and recovering of refrigerant;
  • Reading of suction line temperature;
  • Leaking of components and test system lines with electronic leak detectors;
  • Running of the vehicle for checking air vent temperature, and so forth.

Way Forward

Instead of waiting any longer and transforming your air conditioner into a mere “reciculator”, adopt the good practice of getting a comprehensive air conditioning service done at least every two years—you will not be disappointed.