Wheel Force Centre is definitely a lot of things. We were born as an auto workshop and with time we grew into an authorized garage for luxury cars. We believe firmly in delivering high quality services that are based on sincerity and honesty. Auto detailing is one of the services on our list and when we say we provide the best of them then we mean every word. Auto detailing is primarily a process where a vehicle is thoroughly cleaned from inside and out. It can also be regarded as a restoration process of the vehicle. We at Wheel Force Centre make it a point to extend state-of-the-art auto detailing services.

You might want to go into some detail of this auto detailing we have been talking about. The auto detailing services that we provide are as follows:

  • Exterior steam wash of the car to begin with.
  • We also offer complete interior cleaning of the car. We at Wheel Force Centre ensure germ free cleaning and it is definitely part of the package.
  • Another service that we provide is the ten step paint correction of your car and also other protection treatments.
  • Anti-glare glass treatment is yet another entry on the list of auto detailing services provided by us.
  • Under body anti-rust treatment is also one of the services that you can add to the list.
  • Car wrapping is also one of the services that we extend to our customers. You obviously would want your car to stand out in the crowd. Well, we at Wheel Force Centre can help you via car wraps. Car wraps are primarily vinyl sheets that can be carved in numerous shapes and sizes. They look exceptional and moreover they increase the shelf life of the car paint. Car wraps are applied through adhesive and can be conveniently removed if required.

You can say goodbye to the dirt and residue that gets accumulated in the car over time when you choose us at Wheel Force Center for auto detailing of your car.